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Lavender is the Zodiac flower sign for Gemini which carries us from late May to late June. Lavender (Scientific Name: Lavandula) is one of the most fragrant and highly versatile herbs that you can grow and has been a part of the planet’s history extending over 2500 years.
Ancient Egypt used lavender in the mummification process. Europeans during the 16th century used the plant to perfume clothes and linens while baths were not commonly taken. This is somewhat ironic in that Lavender comes from the latin verb, “lavare,” which translates to wash.
Around the world, the herb is garnered more for it’s traditional and medicymbal uses. Globally, lavender is commonly used to prevent spasms of smooth muscle (stomach), to prevent gas formation in the stomach, and as a mild tranquilizer. The herbs blooms in Germany are said to treat mood disturbances such as restlessness or insomnia, in tea for lack of appetite and in bath therapy for circulatory disorders. In Spain, the flowers are simmered and the steam inhaled as a cold remedy; a tea has been used to induce or increase menstrual flow; and extracts have been used to treat acne and migraines. The fresh flowers and leaves have been used to treat headache and rheumatic pain.

Modern consumerism of Lavender can be found in vast amounts of oils, creams, lotions, tonics and perfumes serving as a fragrant component. The scent deters mice, flies, & mosquitoes and are often added to repellent products in oil form. Aromatherapy oil can be used to soothe aching muscles, reduce anxiety and induce sleep. It takes 27 square feet of lavender flower tops to produce 1-15 ml bottle of Lavender oil! Lavender surprisingly belongs to the mint family and includes varieties that produce pink, blue, purple, and yellow blooms. Nectar from lavender plants are used to make high quality honey. In the language of flowers, lavender can mean devotion, luck, success, happiness, and distrust. Intuitively, Lavender is often associated with love spells, as well as for workings to bring calmness and peace. To bring love your way, carry lavender flowers in a sachet on your person, or hang stalks of it in your home. To get a good night’s sleep, with calming dreams, stuff a pillow with sprigs of lavender. It can also be used in a purifying bath or smudging ritual and as an excellent meditation herb. Burning lavender incense during meditation can help you to relax, open your mind, and free yourself. The herb helps ward off negative energies and heighten your psychic senses (when used with an amethyst stone). Come experience lavender at Spiritual Uplifts. We offer a variety of products for purchase: Fragrance oil ($3), Essential oil/Throat Chakra ($8),Essential medical grade oil (14.37), French lavender mist ($10), Lavender & Rose votives ($2), Assorted