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October Horoscope 2017

Aries Good things seem to land in your lap.

Taurus:  This month you will experience up and downs.  You can easily turn things around.

Gemini:  If someone insists that you aren’t seeing the whole pictures, believe them.     

CancerEmotions run high.  You compassion and empathy are positive not negative.

Leo:  This month’s energy focus on an important relationship in you life and how you been maintaining it.      

Virgo:  Before dishing out more, slow down and deal with what is already on your plate.   

Libra:  Just because your sympathetic to a cause doesn’t mean that you’re a doormat.

Scorpio:  You want to keep going forward but something keeps stopping you.

Sagittarius:  You get a chance to do it all over again. Make it right.            

CapricornBe patient don’t get frustrated.     

Aquarius:  This is a time of year to see possibilities everywhere.

Pisces:  The atmosphere surrounding you is more positive you feel more comfortable.



 What is “Mercury retrograde?” The planet Mercury represents communication and information.  The planet Mercury should be no more than 28 degrees from the sun. When Mercury is in retrograde, it goes backwards and is at a distance.  This happens three to four times a year.  Stay within time limits; Avoid signing contracts.

The good news is intuition is stronger during this time.

April 9th 2017  – May 3rd 2017 in Aries, then Taurus

August 12th 2017  – September 5th 2017 in Leo, then Virgo

December 2nd 2017   – December 22nd 2017 in Sagittarius then Capricorn