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Message from Lynn

Almost everyday, at the store we hear people saying “I need to quit my job, so I can be more spiritual.” But real spirituality isn’t leaving the physical world behind; it’s combing the physical world with spirit.  People want so much to forget about the material world or just think it much easier without it. They forget why we were put here in the first place. We should never forget who we are and why we came to earth. Being grounded and practical is part of spirituality.  As a matter of fact spirituality demands that spiritual and material are a parcel of spirituality.

There is a story about an astronomer that I would like to share with you.  This astronomer lived and breathed looking into the heavens to study the stars.  One night he was walking along the road staring up into the sky with a telescope. . Suddenly, he tripped into a well.  He cried out and neighbors heard him and came to his rescue.  A neighbor said to him “Why, in trying to see into the heavens do you not manage to see what is at your feet?”

Devoting yourself to spirituality doesn’t mean giving away your money and abandoning your home. Instead, it means to merge into the world by embracing love as a whole.

You were born in the physical so while freeing your spiritual inheritance and learning to recognize it  apply what you have learn in the physical world.  Self- examine how much you have invested in this world and stay authentic to yourself.

Truth is so important to your growth and well-being.  When we lie to others and ourselves we begin a journey of deceit  which disconnects you from the true spiritual world and psychical world creating chaos and dysfunction in ones life. Stay connected by bringing light to yourself and ours.  If the job is not right for you then find a new one. However look around, everything happens for a reason. You where place there for a reason figure out why.  Did you help someone there?  Did you show them how to make the job easier?  Did you learn from it?  When you decide to make the change, be reasonable.

Love you all Lynn



Linda Mumford/Pritchard 10/4/ 2016