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Message from Lynn

Determine your core values to help through your journey    What are your core values?  Core values are what help us decide what we feel is right from wrong. Everyone has his or her own philosophy on life.  We have each developed fundamental values that we set for ourselves personally.  Values are psychological, not physical, but still can affect your physical life. (A value is a belief, mission, or philosophy that is meaningful) Your values are your driving force.  Once you recognize them, they can be the most powerful tools to help you be the person you want to be.  Most of our core values come from our parents, environment, religion, backgrounds, education, etc.

 Society as a whole takes a big role in our beliefs.  Often you hear humanity using the word “sin” for situations that they feel goes against their values. I found three definitions for the word sin. The first one states that a sin is “any act regarded as a transgression, especially a willful or deliberate violation of some religious or moral principle.” The second definition on the word sin is “any reprehensible or regrettable action, behavior, lapse, etc.; great fault or offense:” In the Hebrew language the word sin means, “to miss the target”. I agree with the second one. Our sins are things you do that are morally offensive or even repulsive to you. However, you have free will to believe what you feel is right and this should come from you and you only.

 Values are the things we always talk about and cherish in our life.  Your values are your expressions that define you. They are how you, as an individual see the world.  For example, if you value friendship then you would never want to do anything intentional that may hurt your friend.  If you were the type of person who values living on the wild side you would take pleasure in not following rules.

When we do something against our values, we feel guilty and create negative energy.  What you believe about yourself and how you conduct yourself as a person reflects what you get back from life.  For example, if you believe that by hurting someone else to get ahead and get what you want then your creating what you will get back in life.

Find what motivates you in a positive light.  If you feel that your values are not in a positive light, then you need to work on your self-confidence.  Learning to love thyself can give you the self-assurance you need to succeed in this lifetime.

The most important core value I choose in my life honesty and empathy.  I try to focus on the importance of giving a 100 percent  love to all and in return our creator takes care of me.

Take this time to look at others and find core values that you like and write them down.  Then choose from these value what you would like for yourself. Make sure you relate to the values you choose. Whatever makes you feel motivated and confident is the best way to choose.  Once you have decided what your values are, develop strategies to implement the into your life.  Enjoy this exercise. If you have any questions post them on Facebook or email me on Facebook




Linda Mumford/Pritchard 10/4/ 2016