A medium is someone who is sensitive to the vibrations of the spirit world and can communicate with spirit.  A medium gets the information directly from the spirit.  Mediums help people connect with decease loves ones on unresolved issues, messages, etc.  Some mediums can also connect with your Spiritual Guides.

Psychic Reading 

A psychic picks up impressions through ESP, or extrasensory perception.  The impressions that the psychic receives are from their own spiritual guide.

Tarot card readings

Tarot cards are used to gain insight on the past, present, and future by questioning the card.  Most Tarot readers are psychic and communicate with spirit through the cards.

Soul Readings

A soul reading is usually done when a client has repeated situations that keep occurring in this lifetime. The reader will connect with you on a soul level.  The questions are answer by the perspective of the soul. This is a heart to heart reading that can heal and enlighten you spiritually.

Gallery Readings

A Gallery Reading is where the medium will receive messages from decease loves and spirit to a group.  Although their is no guarantee of a reading it’s amazing to watch how the medium connects to spirit and delivers the message.

Trance Channeling Readings

Trance Channeling is when the spirit is able to link to the medium and share metal and physical energies.  The spirit is able to communicate through the medium.  Trance channeling is beautiful to watch.



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