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Meet Lynn

(Tarot card reader, Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Reiki Master)


We are here at the new store

We are so excited to be at the new place.  The energy is wonderful and I have already met so many wonderful new people.  Come see me at the new location 2186-102 Park Ave, Orange Park FL 32073  904-292-4555 or 




Join our customer rewards program. Our new system remembers how much you spend, so you get a $10.00 credit for every $100.00 you spend. (retail only)  This is our way of giving back for all of your support. 



  • Tarot Reading and Mediumship readings

  • Meditation Classes

  • Fun Mini Classes

  • Live Events

  • 6 week courses

  • Reiki healing & Attunements

  • Healing event once a month

  • Gifted Teachers

  • Workshops


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